THE KOAN, Raghubir Kintisch, 2017, 5:43, HD Video, color, sound

2017 The third in a series of short videos exploring matriarchal legacy. Inherited jewels in motion, set to personally evocative piano music with a narrative voice-over meditating on "the Koan" - a sudden explosion in the mind that leads to understanding. In this case, relatively trivial objects are re-processed and designated to be a rich inheritance with spiritual function; bridging the distance between connection and loss.

IVAN’S NEWEST PASSION, Raghubir Kintisch, 2016, 7:15, HD Video, color, sound

They were married on Halloween of 2000 and after they divorced 20 years later, Ivan embraced karaoke with a passion. The power of embodied music to transform and empower prevails in this video about shared history, human connection and loss.

TEMPLE OF THE INNER EAR, Raghubir Kintisch, 2016, 5:42, HD Video, color, sound
The Inner Ear is a temple of sound and as sound is energy, the enlightened being experiences it as multiplicity and unity all at once.

UNDER MY SKIN, Raghubir Kintisch, 2017, 4:09, HD Video, color, sound. A spontaneous tribute to my mother and the beginning of a series of short video sketches exploring my matriarchal legacy.

RITES OF PASSAGE, Raghubir Kintisch, 2015, 10:17, HD Video, color, sound
I put a call out on Facebook for women who wanted to talk about rites of passage. I got an overwhelming response from both men and women who wanted to acknowledge major changes in their life including everything from religious confirmations, what it was to "be" a woman to the events and feeling around loosing their virginity. All footage and audio, distorted as it may be, was from Skype calls. I particularly like this method because the subject frames themselves.

HIPPOPOTAMUS, Raghubir Kintisch, 2016, 2:37, HD Video, color, sound

I reenact my very first meditation at the Getty.

72 PAIRS OF WHITE PANTS, Raghubir Kintisch, 2016, 4:21, HD Video, color, sound

Nothing says excess like Love's Theme by Barry White and Love Unlimited...the discovery and subject of my deceased mother's closet. The second in a series of short videos exploring my matriarchal legacy, obsession and conspicuous consumption.

FURRY FABRIC FEET, Raghubir Kintisch, 2016, 2:45, HD Video, color, sound

A moving meditation on my childhood obsession with dogs and desire.

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