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The artist’s embodiment of mediumship is the common denominator running through all of my work. As a multidisciplinary artist, I use paint, sound, video, installation, performance, writing, community engagement and yogic technology to investigate and dismantle the boundaries between spiritual and artistic practice and how art and artists have been straddling material and unearthly realms since the beginning of time. I think a lot about this role of the artist as medium to influence historical, socio-political and pedagogical aspects of culture. In a time when political issues dominate the culture, searching for truth and meaning in our personal relationship with the infinite is something that goes against the pervading view of the socially constructed self.

In my video and sound work, I use story telling, archival and found visual and/or audio footage, popular music and transcribed interviews to weave narratives about obsession, nostalgia, community building, and personal triumph. I also research and explore psychic phenomenon and magic, interactive practices that inspire conversations about the nature of truth and how to cultivate and utilize energy towards a creative end. My explorations have taken me into issues of social justice, equality and equity, practicing compassion and unlimited self-expression in our communities.


I also work on the ongoing Intravision Project that (not unlike my other work) examines the roles and relationships of artists and their audience. Intra means within and vision is the capacity to see or imagine; therefore Intravision is the capacity to see within oneself and to imagine how something might be. Central to the Intravision Project, which is a container for all my social practice work, is the audience's relationship to the production of art, the intersectionality of artistic and spiritual practices, and the role of intuition and spiritual discipline in activism; activism meaning turning an inner vision into an outward action that causes transformation in others, in community, and in the infinite relational connections we all share.

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