The Intravision Project

As an artist wtih a yoga practice and a yogi with an art practice, I am accutely aware of the similarities between the two. It is my aim, through the Intravision Project, to provide tools for artists, yogis, and everything in between to have first hand experiences of making meditative art in and out of both kinds of studios.  The art of picking up a brush in this case would be no different than practicing a yoga set and if we take it a step further, no different than enjoying a walk, teaching a workshop, or preparing a meal with a group of friends.  In "Public Practice Art" as it is sometimes called, the act of making art becomes the medium for social change. Therefore according to Trungpa's rubric, you could say that the art of public practice both considers and embodies the participants or viewers as well as well as the creators...and sometimes they are one and the same. 


Banners - Large vertical fabric pieces heralding transformation, liberation, resurrection and change. 

Rites of Passage Part 1 - Becoming a Woman

Interviews with women who have experienced various "rites of passge" and agreed to talk about them with me over Skype.

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